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Picture of Shari Wilson

Shari Wilson, Sales

Shari has been with Hard Edge for more than 15 years.  She has incredible experience in the garment decoration industry.  Shari specializes in schools, OU departments, and promotion companies.


Picture of Christina Ryan

Christina Ryan, Operations and Sales

Chris wears many hats at Hard Edge.  She is responsible for our day to day operations, including our local sales and online marketplaces, but makes sure to set aside time for her clients.  Her passion is for trying new techniques and products and pushing the line on the latest trends in the industry.  Want to do something new and funky?  Chris is your gal.


Picture of Christopher Aguilar

Christopher Aguilar, Sales

Chris is our resident e-sports expert, and channels his endless enthusiasm for the sport into his work.  He has coordinated shirts and merch with several conferences, and works with entertainment venues that do large events.


Picture of Blainton Storey

Blainton Storey, Outside Sales

Blain is the newest member of the Hard Edge Sales Team, and he has hit the road running.  He has an extensive history in sales, and is working to partner with local Cannabis Shops and large companies looking to outfit their employees.